Renovating and Selling High-End Real Estate Property

Inherit and Create

We only focus on the exclusive residences in the city center
where only the privileged people can live.
Light, breeze, green, water...
We create the luxury home where you can feel the great comfort of the nature.
We think that we need to stop the cycle of “scrap and build” of the buildings and to rediscover the real value of the real-estate property.
Through renovating the interior design we enhance the property value and meet the social needs of recycle.
This is the concept of our business model.


  • Fairloge Mejirodai 1chome Seirinkan Penthouse
    Bunkyo-ku Mejirodai 1 chome
    Fukutoshin Line   “Zoshigaya” sta. 9 min walk
    Yurakucho Line “Gokokuji” sta. 13 min walk
    6th/6floors 3LDK(4LDK) + Roof Terrace
    Contact us  03-3719-1010